web content

Content is the beating heart of your website

The cornerstone of any business’s online presence is their website.  This essential component gives you a platform from which to say exactly what you need to say and deliver it in the way that suits your business best.

Key to this is strong website content. 

Developed properly, strong content will not only strengthen your company profile but attract new potential customers.

What are the main different types of web content?

The types of content you can include on your site is almost limitless.  Most sites will have a mix of text, images, video, animation, downloads and forms.  Whatever your content, the vast majority of sites need four key types of content:

  • content to entertain
  • content to educate
  • content to persuade
  • content to convert

Smart Insights have come up with a handy content matrix that represents these 4 types of content and can help you choose your options depending on customer decision style and purchase intent.

content marketing matrix

The next time you write a post or are adding images, video etc. ask yourself “does this content entertain, educate, persuade or convert?”

It’s hard to create content that achieves all four of these aims but for all of your content it’s important you:

Find out what people want – Put yourself in other people’s shoes, find out what potential customers want to know, so you can focus on creating content that will be useful to them.

Be realistic – Estimate how much time you can spend each week on your marketing, but be realistic! Only commit if you know you will have time to produce high-quality content, even if it’s less frequent.

If you’re a small business with limited time or resources, focus your efforts on a content strategy that’s achievable and works for you. Thankfully, you don’t always need to break the bank to find effective ways to market your business.

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