Choosing a social media platform (Infographic)

In a recent report, the total number of active social media users in the UK amounted to 42 million people (2.7 billion worldwide). Of course, not everyone will be on all the platforms all the time: only 4% of worldwide users are active on 5 different platforms. If you want to reach your potential customers, it’s important to know where they hang out.

Finding your potential customers on social media is just like fishing. You wouldn’t just sit and wait for a fish to come by, you would make sure to get where you know there are plenty of fish. Knowing more about the demographics and specificities of each different social media channel is key if you want to know where to focus your efforts.

TracX have come up with a great infographic summing up all the key information you need to make an informed decision and find out what platform is more relevant to your audience. Click on the image to view the full infographic.



  • Most popular platform
  • Best to target women between 18 – 49, millennials and Generation X
  • On average, Facebook users spend about 20 min per day


  • Most saturated platform
  • 53% users never post updates
  • Mobile app users only spend about 3 minutes per day on Twitter


  • Fastest growing platform
  • 90% of users are under 35
  • 53% of users follow brands


  • Best for professionals and B2B
  • No longer just for job search
  • LinkedIn users are slightly less likely to use another platform


  • Best for evergreen content
  • Half-life of a post is 151,200 minutes compared to 24 for a tweet!
  • Good platform to reach people between 18 – 64

We hope this insight into the different social media platforms will help you find the one(s) that will increase your business’ visibility and connect with your potential customers. If you’re looking for more specific advice for your business, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us a line!