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Should I Move My Website to HTTPS?

January is a great time to plan for the year ahead and look for any area of improvement that could give your business a boost. Whether you want to increase website traffic, get more leads or increase sales, having a secure website is crucial to earn potential customers’ trust and deal with their data. And contrary to what most people think, this does not only apply to online shops!

SSL certificates can be used to secure data on your website, which also means your website address will start with https://. Wondering if you should make the switch? Here are some reasons why you should consider moving to https.

secure https website

Websites are clearly marked as secure when SSL is installed

Is HTTPS important?

Yes, and it’s becoming increasingly important. Many websites have already made the switch and it’s most likely that Google will push the importance of https in the future. Users will also start seeing security warnings when browsing sites, which increases the visibility of https.

security warning example

Example of security warnings that users can see if SSL is not correctly set up

Benefits of moving to HTTPS

Secure Website – The most obvious benefit of moving to https is that information cannot be intercepted and stolen, which can guarantee customers that their data is safe. It’s particularly helpful for sites where clients need to add payment information.

Encryption – If data was intercepted by someone, the information would still be useless as it would be encrypted, which means that it cannot be used. Encrypted data requires a key to be read, which only the website owner possesses.

Authentication – Having SSL certificates installed means it’s almost impossible for a third party to trick customers into thinking they are giving information to you when they would actually be giving it to a scammer.

Small SEO boost – HTTPS websites receive a minor ranking boost, meaning you can get increased traffic, leads and sales.

Ready to move to HTTPS? Make sure you research how to install an SSL certificate first – any mistake during the process could have some impact on your website rankings.

If you’re not sure, you can always ask a professional to do it for you! We can handle the whole process, from acquiring SSL certificates to installing it on your site. Just get in touch if that’s something you’re interested in.