E-commerce – good reasons to trade online

E-commerce is one of the primary reasons for Web use and the number of e-commerce sites is constantly growing. We’ve compiled the latest statistics to help you understand the online marketplace and why your business can’t afford to ignore it.

  • In January 2017, online sales made up 14.6% of all retail sales, up from 13.6% in January 2016.
  • The average weekly online spending in January 2017 was £1bn, which is a 10.1% increase compared to January 2016.
  • In 2016 consumers spent £133bn online, an £18bn (16%) increase on the previous year. Online sales are forecast to increase by a further 14% in 2017.
  • December 2016 saw a 47% increase in sales made via mobile phones, compared to December 2015.

Clearly, e-commerce is increasingly big business which means consumers – your potential customers – have more choice. Consequently, you need to compete for the business of a much fussier and smarter customer:

  • 71% of shoppers are convinced that they will find better deals online than they will in high street stores.
  • 36% of customers comparison shop on different sites for at least half an hour before making a significant purchase.
  • 55% of online shoppers state that their buying decisions are influenced by customer reviews.

Consider this: simple mistakes, like failing to outline shipping costs, can lead to huge losses, with 28% of customers logging out and abandoning their shopping cart if they find out about delivery prices too late.

Ubisan can provide a well-designed, user-friendly e-commerce system that gives you the best possible chance of succeeding in a growing and highly competitive marketplace. We will:

  • create a system that is fully optimised for yours and your customers’ needs and
  • help you to promote it and expand your business

Further key information on how Ubisan can make e-commerce work for your business – and what you need to consider –  can be found here. Or, you can take our quick questionnaire  to help you assess your e-commerce needs.

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