website security and malware protection for your website
Website security is vital at a time when the internet has become the primary tool many people use for shopping, learning, and communicating. Issues like identity theft and dedicated denial of service (DDOS) attacks consistently make the news, and it all raises the question: are you doing enough to protect your site? The answer is, probably not.

The key to complete website security lies with investment in a comprehensive system that keeps your site safe without hampering functionality.

“Doesn’t Ubisan provide a secure hosting service?”

We do, and the quality of our service is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, people who invade websites, steal personal data, or distribute malware are dedicated, and they will work tirelessly until they find a chink in your armour. An additional layer of security will give you complete peace of mind, and we can offer that.

Security Services

Ubisan can provide comprehensive website protection at a low cost. Our preferred partner, Sucuri, allows us to offer a range of services including:

Malware protection and cleaning

Malware is anything you don’t want on your site: viruses, spyware, bots, and other threats. The site will be scanned every six hours to ensure no unwanted elements have gotten in. We can eradicate malware quickly, before it does any damage, and clean up afterwards.

Protection from hackers and attackers

Your site is vulnerable, but there are ways to protect it. Firewalls are barriers set up between different points of contact within your system. They prevent malware and attacks from getting in; much like a firewall does in a building. Our firewall service keeps out the bad guys.

Constant monitoring

Keeping an eye out for malware is important, but so is monitoring for unauthorised changes to different parts of your system. We can ensure that nothing happens on your site without your permission.

DDOS protection

It’s not just government sites that fall victim to DDOS attacks. We protect your site using the latest tools and techniques, including blocking unauthorised traffic and adding defensive layers to your site’s server.

Cleaning dirty SEO

The last thing you need is someone turning your fantastic website copy into adverts for adult materials. We can remove the unwanted data and help you repair the damage to your site’s rankings.

how our website security system works

Leave Security to Us

Our partnership with Sucuri allows us to offer an exhaustive service at a low cost. The price can be added to your regular hosting fee, saving you the hassle of setting up any new accounts. Whether you are new to Ubisan or want to add this security package to your existing account, we can provide a fair and cost-effective solution.

All of this protection and more is available for just £15 a month, so get in touch. You can also visit our blog for detailed information about website security and the risks that are out there. Call us today on 0141 255 1969 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.